Pressure To Resign Mounts On Mounted Pressure Pressured On Garda Commissioner


THERE is an increasing amount of pressure being applied to previous pressure, which was mounted on pressure aimed at mounted pressuring on Garda Commissioner Noirín O’Sullivan to resign, WWN understands.

Following evidence given before the Public Accounts Committee by Commissioner O’Sullivan in regards to the misappropriation of funds at the Garda College by gardaí there, evidence which has since been disputed, the previous pressure, which was mounting on her to resign has been further pressured, creating an incredibly pressurised situation.

“Ah no, it’s actually grand,” confirmed a source close to O’Sullivan.

Despite claims that O’Sullivan misled the PAC in her evidence, and that Head of Human Resources at An Garda Síochána John Barrett was relieved of some duties after highlighting evidence of alleged misappropriation of funds, there is still no sign that the increase of pressure of previously existing pressure has had any effect.

“No, sure she didn’t pay attention to last 10 times resignation pressure swirled. It’s actually grand, actually,” added the source, who seemed pretty relaxed about the whole thing.

The science behind applying pressure reveals that in some cases eventually, if the requisite amount of pressure is applied, something must give way, a claim the source denied.

“You’ve got your science gobbledy gook all wrong there. Pressure actually has no effect, even if it’s overwhelming, as long as you basically ignore it and carry on like nothing has happened. There’s a big song and dance alright, but after a big song and dance people usually go home,” the source concluded, hinting at the possible future plans Commissioner O’Sullivan may have.

Elsewhere, Fianna Fáil, fresh from not supporting the Commissioner and then supporting the Commissioner are no longer supporting the Commissioner, while Fine Gael aren’t sure what the fuss is about this time for the 10th straight Garda scandal in a row.