“Fuck Terrorism” Confirms Everyone


AS THE DEPRESSINGLY familiar scenes from the latest attack on innocent civilians etched itself into the minds of people, joining other incidents and memories sadly too easy to recall, every right minded person concluded that terrorism ‘can get fucked’.

“Yeah, fuck terrorism,” everyone confirmed, with a conviction and defiance that suggested their capacity to remain really pissed off at mirco-penised maniacs hasn’t changed all that much since the previous incident which bore similar traits to the one that has just occurred.

“That’s really all we can say, sadly, so it’s worth saying again. Fuck terrorism,” everyone said, happy to allow the simple words to express a multitude of emotions including frustration, sadness, anger and empathy.

The words, admitted everyone, could provide little comfort and solace to the relatives and loved ones of those injured or killed. However, everyone committed to saying the phrase with as much passion as they could, in order to indicate there was no room or tolerance for mindless and hateful barbarism in the lives of innocent people.

“Fuck fucking terror-fucking-ism,” everyone asserted again only louder, just in case you missed it, with a focus that suggested thoughts of finger pointing or exploiting a tragedy to push an agenda are the furthest things from their minds at the this very moment.

“Yeah, we could do that, but we’re not fucking assholes,” explained everyone that makes up the cool portion of people.