Stop Calling Scandals ‘Something-Gate’ Media Told


THE MEDIA has been instructed to refrain from attaching the ‘gate’ suffix to all and any major or minor incidents, be they political in nature or not, as the general public has confirmed it is growing sick and tired of it.

“Boris Johnston trips on a step outside an EU meeting and it’s Trip-Up-On-Step-Outside-EU-Meeting-Gate… fuck right off,” regular eye-roller at the sight of something-gates, Martin Lainton shared with WWN.

Regardless of the level of import a so-called something-gate may contain, the media has been forcibly instructed to cease all use of ‘gates’ even if it makes it harder to get people interested in various scandals, both big and small.

“Take this whole does Trump have linked to Russia thing, we’re not thick, there’s not need to call it bloody Russia-gate,” another weary reader of news shared with WWN.

Notably, the public has made one exception to the rule, which can see the media add ‘gate’ to something.

“Look, if something involving a gate happens we’ll give you a pass because gate-gate is pretty funny, but that’s your lot. Don’t try our patience, fuck off the gating shite,” added disgruntled veteran of being pissed off at the media Greg Healy shared, “since the original, Watergate, I’ve probably had to see 300,000 ‘gates’, and I say no more!”