Local Man’s Grandmother Would Have Been 134 Today If She Was Still Alive


A COUNTY Waterford woman would have been 134 years of age today if she was still alive, making her one of the oldest people ever recorded on the planet, WWN has learned.

At 4:53pm this afternoon, local man Mark Williams posted a picture of his grandmother Bridget Williams to his Facebook page, somehow listing her age as 134, despite her dying of a short illness in 1964.

It is unclear how Mrs. Williams managed to gain the extra five decades after her death, as her funeral certificate states that she was 94 years old when she passed, and not 134 as claimed on her grandson’s Facebook page today.

“My gran would have been 134 today,” Williams posted with the black & white image, leaving everyone to speculate how she could possibly reach that age despite clearly being dead.

However, no one seemed to question the 59-year-old in the comments section, with some people even liking the photo without any proof to his claims.

“If she was indeed 134 years old today, she would be the oldest woman ever recorded in the world,” longevity expert Dennis Rogers explains, “currently, the oldest woman in the world was Jeanne Calment, 1875-1997, of France, who is also the oldest verified person ever and who died at the age of 122 years” adding, “this is a very big claim that needs to be investigated”.

When approached by WWN, Mr. Williams backtracked and became visibly upset with this reporter, before then threatening to call the guards.

More as we get it.