Prince Charles Wishes The Queen A Speedy Death


THE Prince of Wales has broken his silence on his mother’s ongoing battle with the flu, stating that he wishes her a speedy trip into the grave as soon as possible.

Charles, the heir apparent to the throne, made the remarks during a 90-minute rant to his closest aides earlier this morning at Buckingham Palace, following the news that Queen Elizabeth was likely to make a full recovery from the illness that has plagued her over the Christmas period.

At 68 years of age, Charles is currently the oldest heir to the throne in over 300 years, with many suggesting that he should step aside and allow his oldest son William to be the next king should the Queen ever pass away.

With HRH expected to make a full recovery and live for another 8, maybe even 10 years, Charles expressed his wished for her to ‘hurry up and get in the God damn grave’ so he could finally have his day on the throne.

“I’d like to wish my mother a speedy decline into incurable ill health,” moaned Charles after hearing about the Queen’s recovery.

“2016 claimed so many people, I was sure it’d whip her too. But no, she’s not only getting better, the doctors say her immune system has benefited from the flu and is stronger than ever before. So that’s just fucking wonderful, isn’t it? Fuck. Sake”.

Sources confirm that Charles hasn’t once used the hand-sanitiser provided by the Queen’s health care team while visiting his mother, and never covers his mouth when coughing around her.