World Breathes Sigh Of Relief As Kim Kardashian Makes Return To Snapchat


JOYOUS scenes were reported around the world on Snapchat users’ phones as Kim Kardashian’s self imposed exile from the popular app came to an end, WWN can confirm.

Historians have been keen to state that this the posted photo is indeed the celebrity’s first selfie of 2017, marking the snap out as 2017’s first real moment of historical significance.

“It’s too early to speculate, but I think this might be on Leaving Cert history papers in 2045,” shared historian Michael Franks.

“I cried. It’s one of those ‘where were you when’ moments, you know. I was on the toilet at work, that’s where I do most of my Snapchatting actually, surprised I haven’t been reported by someone at this stage,” office worker Karen Fenlon explained to WWN, “I call it Snapshitting actually, someone should make that app”.

Kardashian’s return to Snapchat has seen the app’s valuation increase to an eye watering $100 billion, with the social media maven expected to follow up with more than 12,000 snaps in the coming seconds. Kardashian’s relative silence on social media in recent months came after she was held at gunpoint in a robbery at her Paris hotel room.

The international fallout from Kardashian’s return to Snapchat continues as the UN team tasked with ushering Miss Kardashian back onto the app will now be disbanded and their resources dedicated to opening dialogue lines between the Obama administration and Israel as their relationship continues to fray.