Wikipedia Founder ‘Moved On’ For Begging On London Street


LONDON city police have confirmed today that they had to “move on” Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales this morning after he was found to be begging on the side of the street.

The 50-year-old entrepreneur was given a verbal warning by the police, who told him he was “making the place look bad”, and that he should try selling Big Issue magazines, or roses, like everyone else if he wants to make a few pound.

Mr. Wales, who co-founded the online non-profit encyclopedia, claimed he was trying to raise money for his organisation in a bid to fund it, and denied any wrongdoing on his part.

“Wikipedia doesn’t rely on online advertising revenue, so we have to find other means of raising money to keep it going,” he told WWN, “I’ve tried busking, but I’m a terrible singer and people just booed me off the street. I said this morning I’d give begging a go, but the police in London are quite strict about that kind of thing and I was told to clear off”.

The grandson of four later added that he might try raising money as a street entertainer instead, and paint himself from head to toe in grey, cement like paint, stating he’s very good at staying still.

“I’ve sent millions of emails to people around the world, asking them for a few bob, but you’d swear I was asking for their first born or something,” he added, ” Less than 1% of our readers give, but yet Wikipedia solves millions of drunken debates every minute; from who is your man starring in that film, to explaining the observational theory in quantum mechanics. Wiki saves time, and sometimes lives”.

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