Mike Pence To Head To Irish Maternity Hospital On Fact-Finding Mission


THE unapologetically pro-life vice president-elect Mike Pence is to visit Ireland in a bid to learn more about how best to run a country where women are treated as little more than incubators, and access to abortion is practically non-existent, WWN can exclusively reveal.

The VP-elect, who claimed that he would make sure the US’s ‘Roe Vs Wade’ ruling that entitles all American women to the right to an abortion was ‘consigned to the ash-heap of history where it belongs’, will jet over to Ireland following the inauguration of Donald Trump in January to ‘learn how the pros do it’ when it comes to abortion.

Pence has stated that he regards Ireland as the ‘standard-bearer’ when it comes to dragging your political feet on abortion reform, and is hoping to bring many of this country’s human rights violations back home to America where they can be exacted on US women too.

“We’re excited to welcome vice president-elect Pence to Ireland,” said Taoiseach Enda Kenny, while buttering his morning toast on the correct side.

“He can take a look at all our high-profile abortion cases, our laws, our panels of ‘experts’ that decide what is best for a woman, and of course we’ll be bringing him up to speed on the best way to ignore any movement that springs up to protest against these laws”.