Local Man Continues Love Affair With Sound Of Own Voice


IT’S been called the most touching love story to ever grace these lands, and it’s continuing to flourish every day. We are of course referring to the love shared between local man Graham Kenny and the sound of his own voice.

Kenny, 37, admits that it was ‘love at first hearing’ when he learned how to talk over three decades ago, and the love he has for his own opinions, bravado and general nonsense grows stronger each and every year.

The pair spend a lot of time socialising with Kenny’s friends, who have admitted that they while Graham is alright in small doses, when he’s out with his voice the pair can be ‘quite obnoxious’.

“Like any overbearing couple, when Graham and his voice get going, you don’t know where to look,” said one of Mr. Kenny’s co-workers.

“They’ll be there, making everyone feel uncomfortable, completely unaware of how overbearing and embarrassing they’re being. If you could have one without the other, that’d be great. Unfortunately, where one goes, the other is always there”.

The love affair between Kenny and the sound of his own voice has shown no signs of slowing down, with many expecting a marriage announcement any day now.