“There’s No Media Bias” Confirms 584 Publications Owned By Denis O’Brien


THE Irish public has been reassured by 584 publications owned by Denis O’Brien that when it comes to fresh reports calling into question the independence of the Irish press, there really is nothing to worry about.

While many experts on the media from outside Ireland have expressed their concern regarding the monopolisation of sections of the media by Denis O’Brien in recent years and resultant bias, nothing could be further from the truth according to radio stations and newspapers owned by Communicorp and Independent News and Media.

“Ah, now, come on stop that talk,” explained one editor who has three kids and a mortgage to be thinking about, “there’s just no evidence to support claims that Mr. O’Brien’s concentrated ownership affects media coverage, in fact, I’d even go as far as to say Mr. O’Brien is the best person in the world,” the editor added before mouthing ‘help me’.

Such reassurances from members of the media have done much to alleviate any concerns the public may have had.

“Oh God, that’s a relief, I thought I saw something flash up on Facebook about the opposite being true. They did up some report in the European parliament or something, but I was probably imagining it,” confirmed Waterford local Henry Hallon.

The 644 publications owned by O’Brien (he has purchased another 60 outlets since this report began) remain committed to a balanced and fair approach to all news relating to Ireland.

“I think people who throw around these claims, rarely actually read or listen to our output,” explained another editor at one O’Brien owned publication.

“Look, pick up our Sunday edition this week, and leaf through our ‘Denis O’Brien Is Da Bomb’ section and see for yourself”.