Varadkar & McDonald Clash Over Who Deserves More Headlines In The Paper


BITTER scenes were witnessed in the Dáil yesterday in exchanges between Fine Gael’s Leo Varadkar and Sinn Féin’s Mary Lou McDonald as they debated the important issue of who should get more headlines in the papers.

Trading barbs across the Oireachtas, Varadkar was keen to point out the identity of the next leader of Fine Gael was infinitely more important than who the next Sinn Féin leader will be and so concluded he deserved the superior number of headlines.

“The speculation on who will be the next leader of Fine Gael and possibly the country, is not a matter I wish to speculate on or the stoke the fires as it were, but some fine people have said ‘Leo for Leader’,” Varadkar began in a 33 minute speech on the very subject.

Not taking his assertions lying down, McDonald fought back.

“I am not above raising my voice to give the impression I am enraged by what you’re saying, incredulous, even, I may raise my voice further if I think it will secure me some column inches minister Varadkar,” McDonald said as the debate soured.

In a rare example of TDs from rival parties reaching a compromise, the two Dublin TDs agreed to continue arguing until such a point the Ceann Comhairle intervened creating the sort of scene that could land both of them in the papers.

Gauging the level of interest of the journalists sitting in the gallery above, both TDs refused to rule out more name calling and empty rhetoric if it was needed.