Tall, Handsome Lad Also Has Audacity To Be Sound As Well


A NEW IT guy in a prominent Dublin accountancy firm has rubbed his male co-workers up the wrong way almost immediately after being hired, due to his insistence on not only being tall, well-built and handsome with a full head of luscious hair, but also being really friendly, funny and smart as well.

The male staff of McKinnon & Hardy accountants in Ballsbridge reacted in horror when James Goulding, 33, was introduced around the office this morning on his first day at work.

Immediately at ease with all the staff, Goulding was a hit with all of his new co-workers with the exception of basically every unmarried, single man in the building.

Research showed that while the male staff of McK & H don’t mind one of their co-workers being handsome, the least he could do would be to be a prick or a shithead or at least have bad teeth, anything at all.

“Look at him; good looking and friendly, ” said one man, resigned to the fact that he was never going to get Gina from accounts to go out with him now.

“The only thing we could hope for that he was at least gay, but no, straight as an arrow. You could see all the women swoon over him. That’s the rest of us fucked now. Well, not really, but you know what I mean”.

Goulding sat in the canteen at lunchtime eating a delicious looking stir-fry that he claims he made himself because he also loves to cook, prompting cries of ‘you gotta be fucking kidding me’ from several of the men.