Everything An Inside Job, Confirms Local Conspiracy Theorist


A CONSPIRACY theorist with an address in the it’s none of your business, we’re probably being watched right now area of Ireland has confirmed that absolutely everything without exception is an ‘inside job’.

Billy Brutus, who stressed his identity was totally made up in order to hide his real identity, Billy Boylan, from the shadowy network of lizard people who control the global economy, explained to WWN how everything is a nefarious plot from within.

“Red traffic lights, think about it, what are they only an attempt to control the flow of people in large public spaces. You know what I’m getting at, but I’ll say it anyway, traffic lights are an inside job,” Billy explained in a completely rational and coherent manner which left this reporter in little doubt; yes, everything is an inside job.

However, that was only the tip of Billy’s conspiracy iceberg.

“Icebergs? More like secret hiding places for nuclear weapons, you complete and utter sheep,” Billy explained.

“Not getting any change back from bus fare on Dublin Bus, inside job. Ordering chicken, onion and bacon on a Dominos but they forget the onion, inside job. World War III, an inside job,” Billy opined, now visibly irate.

This reporter pressed Billy further about World War III, which to my sheep mind, had not occurred yet.

“That’s what they want you to,” Billy barked back, cut short by a bullet to the temple, shot by an assassin perched on a nearby rooftop.

Dublin Bus not giving back change on bus fare, it appears, is an inside job after all.