“I Can Make Love For Almost 17 Minutes” Claims Irish Tantric Sex Guru


AN Irishman who claims to have perfected the ancient Indian art of Tantric sex has spilled the beans on his epic lovemaking sessions, which he states can last up to 17 whole minutes.

If Sean Fenlan’s claims are true, then it means the 26-year-old could start having sex when he hears the Angelus, and still be going at it when Six-One goes to its first ad break.

Lismore native Fenlan revealed to WWN that by studying the storied teachings of Tantric sex bibles, he can delay orgasms for 7 times longer than the average Irish male, leading to what he describes as ‘a hell of a load altogether’ when he finally reaches climax.

“It’s like when you open the dishwasher before the cycle is finished,” said Fenlan, rehydrating himself after what he jokingly refers to as a 14-minute ‘quicky’ with his girlfriend.

“Before I got into the aul Tantric sex, I was only lasting as long as the slow bit at the start of Riverdance. Now, I can keep it going nearly as long as an episode of Bosco. You can meditate further and keep going longer, but I’m grand where I am. You don’t want to take the good out of it, you know?”.

Fenlan went on to show us his ‘don’t come, don’t come, don’t come’ face, and we must say it certainly was spectacular.