Kardashian Robbery Elaborate Instagram Product Placement For Guns, Cable Ties


REPORTS circulating in the media had suggested the mother-of-two was held at gunpoint in a terrifying ordeal which saw jewellery stolen by disgusting thugs.

However, speculation has grown in recent hours questioning the authenticity of the 35-year-old’s harrowing experience, with experts suggesting it was all part of an elaborate product plug on Kardashian’s highly influential Instagram account.

“Ah, everything she does is just whoring herself out to stay famous like,” confirmed local unemployed man Dermot Keily, who would endorse anything for a fiver.

“I don’t buy it,” added Keily in the belief that Kardashian being held at gunpoint, fearing for her life was only real if he allowed it to be.

Kardashian’s ordeal came to the public’s attention after a disturbing image of the star appeared on her Instagram account, depicting her tied up with a gun pointed to her head.

“Send help, being robbed at gunpoint by @Smith&Wesson, 20% discount when you use ‘KimK’ code, cable ties very durable use same code,” Kardashian’s desperate plea began, as her social media fans looked on in horror.

Kardashian’s post provided a link to gun manufacturer Smith & Wesson’s official website where enthusiastic fans of the Kardashian clan could purchase yet another product associated with the jet-setting and luxurious lifestyle of America’s most famous family.

Some of the star’s fans expressed confusion and dismay at the news, and admitted to feeling insulted by such a brazen insult to their intelligence.

“She didn’t need to put herself in harm’s way just to form this elaborate product placement, if she told me to kill my family with a Smith & Wesson, I’d go ahead and do it in a heartbeat,” Kardashian uber-fan Lauren Healy shared with WWN.