Local Woman Enters 8th Hour Of Daydream About Winning EuroMillions Jackpot


A LOCAL Waterford woman has seen her productivity levels in work reach an all time low after entering the 8th hour of a daydream about winning the EuroMillions.

Sarah Lally, 29, began ignoring the mountain of work on her desk shortly after 9am in favour of dreaming of what it would be like to have her own branch of Penney’s on the first floor of her mansion on a private Sun-kissed island.

With the EuroMillions Tuesday jackpot standing at 17 million euro, Lally displayed a natural talent for spending vast sums of money on ‘lovely things’ as she stared out of her office window.

“How much would it cost to hire Colin Farrell and Jamie Dornan as house decorations,” Lally mused after concluding Cillian Murphy would be selected as a replacement for her current boyfriend.

Lavish feats of architecture were also achieved by Lally all from the comfort of her mind as she installed a Supermacs in her back garden.

The Sales Manager was left with no choice but to postpone all meetings scheduled for the rest of the day as she needed time to work on choosing a location for her helipad and her private camogie pitch.

Lally’s daydreams were not all self-centred however, as she admitted to herself that she would move her friends into her mansion along with moving Coppers nightclub brick by brick and rehousing it on her island.

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