Study Shows People Under 25 Won’t Read A News Article Unless It Includes Gifs


A RECENT study has discovered a problem when it comes to the news media’s attempts to engage a younger audience in current affairs and news, WWN has learned.

“We’ve only ourselves to blame, you see, everyone is more than capable of engaging in things that are happening in the world, but we said fuck that shit a long time ago and just went ahead and reported on Syria using nothing but cat gifs, now they don’t know how else to read things,” Damien Hunt, head of BBC’s Gifs and Shit division explained to WWN.

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Contrary to the prevailing opinion amongst many under-25s, the study has confirmed what has long been suspected; they are incapable of deciphering text and the accompanying information relayed within it unless there is a barrage of hastily assembled gifs to go with it all.

“We have to take some of the blame for warping their minds as they interacted with our content online, but it has its drawbacks. My editor has placed as 50-gif count minimum on all my articles, even the ones I copy and paste from elsewhere,” one Irish based journalist who contributed to the study explained.

“For anyone over 25, it’s easy, you just read something and understand it. However, anyone younger has been spoon fed on learning about constitutional challenges in the Supreme Court with the relevant Spongebob gifs attached,” explained media expert Max Nobb.

Those falling into the under 25 age bracket have something the study refers to as ‘gif blindness’, which sees them retain no information unless a Buzzfeed intern has included 98 gifs in an article on the Syrian war.

“The big stories involving death, famine and war, they don’t hit home at all, but slap a gif of Kim Kardashian doing her ugly crying thing, and surprisingly, a lot of the younger readers start petitions and get angry about it all, it’s inspiring,” concluded Nobb.

EDITOR’S NOTE: We apologise to our readers for not meeting our own high editorial standards. The article’s author regretfully omitted at least 12 totally relevant gifs that would have completely slayed. Sorry.