Second Series Of Red Rock Bought By BBC For €1 Billion & Given 47 Oscars


TV3’s hit show Red Rock continues its ascent to the summit of Irish cultural excellence after the BBC picked up the UK broadcasting right for its second series for a whopping €1 billion.

According to Irish media reports, the show has also received 47 Oscar awards despite being a television show. It is believed this is a first for any television show, with the Irish soap/drama regularly playing to UK audiences in excess of 100 million people.

A number of media outlets reveled in the good news, noting that the drama, centered around a Dublin police station, has a rare 11 out of 10 rating on IMDB. A petition to get the show on Netflix has been signed by over 3,000,00 people, including superfan Beyonce.

“It is like The Sopranos crossed with Breaking Bad crossed with Mad Men sprinkled with some Ulysses and Waiting for Godot but none of that Glenroe shite,” one paper confirmed while speculating on the fact that all the performances from the actors in the popular were delivered as if harnessing the power of ‘Robert De Niro and Meryl Streep on speed’.

WWN can confirm that one news outlet, RTÉ, has decided not to report the good news.

Red Rock returns this September, with the first episode of the 3rd series to be directed by Martin Scorsese.