New iPhone Features Revealed


AHEAD of its new product launch this Thursday, Apple has been subjected to a large number of leaks relating to the new iPhone.

And if the nuggets of information we’ve amassed so far are anything to go by this will truly be Apple’s greatest achievement to date.

WWN has all the much anticipated new features broken down for you below.

No earphone jack

It’s confirmed, a leak of specs reveal that it’s the end of the road for the earphone jack, which will mean the dawn of wireless headphones for Apple’s smartphone.

Shiny thing that takes your money

The glistening sheen emanating from the iPhone is new and improved. This innovation allows for the owner of the phone to hand over a large sum of money in exchange for something shiny.

A port to put your penis in

For the more ardent Apple geeks out there, there is now a port on the iPhone in which you can place your penis, allowing you to make love to the precious addition to consumerism. While we haven’t got the aspects of this feature to hand, we believe this port is self-cleaning.