Local Man Would Leave Wife If Not For 24-Month Broadband Contract


LOCAL man Harry Jennison is dolefully settling in for another two years with his current wife, after realising that leaving her right now is not worth the hassle it would take to wriggle out of a 24-month broadband contract that he signed up for.

Jennison, who has had it up to here with his missus, had his broadband installed just last week before realising that he couldn’t stand being married to this woman for one more second.

However, given the fact that he had insisted that the modem be installed so he could mess around online instead of listening to wave after wave of guff from herself, Jennison is now 100% responsible for payments to the broadband provider for the next 24 months.

Rather than have to put up with paying for this contract and then having to go out and get a new package, the 34-year-old Dungarvan native has resigned himself to 2 more years with his wife and his lousy broadband that keeps dropping the signal when he goes to the upstairs bathroom.

“2 years locked into a broadband contract… where’s my referendum, eh?” moaned Jennison, who can be fairly hard work at times himself.

“I suppose I’ll have to put up with this tired, loveless marriage for another while. As soon as I get out, it’s straight to the divorce courts, I promise you that”.

Mrs. Jennison added that she too could not wait until the 24-month contract was up.

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