Traffic Chaos As Transformer Battle Breaks Out On The M50


COMMUTERS on the M50 heading home from work will see severe delays as a battle between the Autobots and their arch rivals the Decepticons has broken out near the soundbound Tallaght exit.

Eye witnesses who were at the scene when the highly weaponised scuffle broke out at just before 5pm said as many as 15 Transformers were involved.

“I was touching up my make up in the mirror and next thing I see is the 97 Ford Kia beside me start standing up and shouting abuse at some other car that cut him off,” explained driver Ciara McCormack.

“Then a minute later they’re hurling each other across the lanes and destroying an overhead bridge, it’s a good hour later and they’re still bloody at it,” added Ciara, livid that she won’t be home in time to watch Home & Away.

The intense and violent rivalry between the two warring robot factions has resulted in a 3 mile tailback in both northbound and southbound directions, with no end in sight.

Damage as a result of the battle could run into the millions.

“We usually leave them to it, they get tired eventually and feck off to some international landmark like the Pyramids or the Eiffel Tower to finish off the epic fight,” Eamon Higgins, a member of the Garda Traffic Corps explained to WWN.