WWN Guide To Becoming A UFC Fighter


IT is one of the fastest growing sports in the country and yet many mixed martial arts fans don’t know the first thing about what it takes to become a fighter in one of the most revered sporting companies in the world, the UFC.

WWN has an essential guide for all would-be fighters to read:

If you’re a hard bastard, then that’s half the battle. A recent study showed that 94% of self-confessed hard bastards were amazing UFC fighters, but didn’t even know it. Are you a hard bastard, unlock that untapped potential now.

Follow Dana White on Twitter, we can’t stress this point enough. Get yourself out there, and if you manage to get a retweet from Joe Rogan, it might be time to start shopping for a Bentley.

They say hard work, hard work and more hard work is the key to success, but that’s all bollocks of course. If you’re a true UFC fan you’ll know that an ability to obliterate your opponent in verbal combat is key. Want to make it to the top? Well then it’s time to conjure up inventive ways to insult your rival; ‘you have a pineapple head’, ‘I wipe my ass with your mother’, ‘you are the Volkswagen Lupo of people’ and other phrases aren’t even close to the level of insults used by top level fighters.

Stop the capoeira training and get learning your swear words.

Wear whatever Conor McGregor is wearing. He likes his Reebok, he likes his three-piece suits, he likes his man bun, he likes his shaved head. Whatever Notorious is wearing, you must wear. The benefits become apparent very quickly as close to 85% of people taking up mixed martial arts improve immensely after following a strict Conor McGregor fashion regime.

It’s very important to master several fighting techniques next, as a single fighting discipline style will see you left behind by superior fighters. Try and learn nightclub smoking area fighting style, and top deck back of the bus brawling; two distinctly different styles which will enhance your game.

Never shut up about MMA. This next step on the road to UFC greatness cannot be under-estimated. Still working the day job while training? Why not tell 59-year-old mother of three Teresa, who works in accounts all about how great George St Pierre was. Each repetition of the same old boring boring will pay off in the long run.

If your training hasn’t properly kicked off yet, a simple and less intensive way of getting on the first rung of the UFC ladder is to follow a bunch of fighters on Instagram, staring aimlessly at all their determination and efforts release endorphins into your body, and slowly convince you that you’re basically an MMA genius as well.