Irish Man Travels All The Way To Nepal To Get Pissed In Irish Bar


A ONCE in a lifetime trip to Nepal was hailed as an amazing experience by Roscommon man Enda Healy after he successfully found an Irish bar to get pissed in.

The two-week trip, undertaken by Healy after much careful planning finally became interesting and noteworthy after he stumbled upon the Lucky Irish bar in the centre of the capital Kathmandu.

“It was alright, like there’s a shit tonne of temples and that, before I found the bar it was touch and go, but we just started to have gas craic with the fellas in there, it was class,” Healy remarked.

Unable to enter the Irish bar until it opened at 5pm, Healy was left to fill the preceding hours with ‘boring shite’ such as walking down Old Freak Street as well as briefly staring at buildings located on Durbar Square.

“Yeah, there’s stuff in the square and that, Buddha stuff I think, but the Guinness in the Lucky was surprisingly good,” Healy further explained to co-workers on his return, before adding that he would recommend Nepal to almost anyone provided they could set aside time to get pissed in the bar.

“Your man who runs it… not even Irish, ha ha,” Healy concluded.