Gyms Almost Back To Pre-1st Of January Levels


FOLLOWING the traditional New Year’s surge of activity, fitness centres across the country are reporting a return to normal operating volumes, leading to a much more comfortable environment for their regular customers.

On average, gyms around Ireland have almost returned to their pre-1st January levels, known as the “true” level of gym attendance. This number represents the amount of people in the country who genuinely enjoy working out or who have a dedicated approach to health and fitness, as opposed to people who just want to cram as much weight loss into as short a time as possible.

The huge influx of customers in early January can cause hassle and disruption for the core group of gym bods, as these ‘newbies’ clog up the waiting times for cardio machines by strolling on treadmills reading magazines at walking pace, or spend too much time chatting to their friends instead of using the bench press machine and moving on.

With these fair-weather trainees losing interest in their new year goals of being “really fit”, the real gym enthusiasts can finally work out in comfort.

“Most of them pay a membership for the year, so I don’t really care if they come or not,” said Finn Kiernan, owner and operator of Finn’s Gym in Carlow.

“To be honest, I’m glad they’re gone, because they were really starting to piss off my regular customers, plus the class instructors were getting fed up with them treating the spinning class like it was a social club. Go hard or go home, and thankfully this lot went home”.

The calm atmosphere currently found in gyms will last until May 1st, when the summer crowd looking to get “beach ready” start showing up by the thousand.