We Look Back On The 4 Most Shocking Moments Of 2015


HERE at home and further afield, we look at the 4 most shocking moments of 2015. Strap in, it’s going to be some ride!

The Government did something

By allowing a referendum on Marriage Equality to go before the people the Government and the political class at large displayed a rarely seen side to themselves, one that engaged with the public for the greater good of Irish society. The 2015 referendum was only the 4th time a Government has done such a thing since the foundation of the State.

It was not without its casualties, however, as after the results came in and Dublin Castle was awash with celebrations, on the streets outside something truly harrowing occurred.

So displeased by the Yes vote victory, hundreds of leading No campaigners doused themselves in petrol and set themselves on fire. Far from having the desired effect of insisting the public take note of their sacrifice, the Nation’s gays who were still celebrating inside, gathered around the flaming corpses to roast some marshmallows and sing the complete Elton John songbook.


Perma-bastards ISIS had their hand in just about every act of barbarism carried in the world over the last 12 months. But, of course their terrorist tentacles are far reaching and claimed some victims here at home in Ireland, most notably forcing Waterford man Alan Nolan to forget to set his alarm the day before a very important meeting. Tragically Alan was some 45 minutes late for the meeting that day.

A celebrity did something

We all remember it. That celebrity, at some point this year, did that thing or was photographed with that person or whatever, engaged in some sort of achievement or act of disgrace and we all remember it. Man, that really had 2015 written all over it. Defining moment.

The curious case of Leon Ferriter

Leon, a Dublin native, will be just a footnote in the year that was 2015, but his story is fascinating and curious in equal measure.

However, his story is above all else shocking. Leon, just like anybody else in Ireland this year, had dreams and ambitions to have a viral video/photo/screengrab feature on HerDailyEnterJoement.ie.

Despite this incredibly easy feat Leon sadly never fulfilled his goal, even after sending a series of hilarious videos, photos and screengrabs, the viral reposting industry turned their back on this Irish man who merely wanted to be described as a ‘classic Irish lad’, ‘top Irish banter’ or ‘you’ll never guess what this Irish lad did’.

Going into 2016, Leon’s story serves as a cautionary tale and perhaps a harbinger of doom with the online content copying and pasting industry perhaps deciding not to publish any old shite going forward.

“I am Irish, and I love banter… I don’t, I just don’t understand. If this is where Irish society is headed; into a great black void where a young man’s viral efforts are simply thrown into the abyss, well then I fear for us all,” a dejected Leon said at the time.