Shop Assistant Knows Full Well Your Order Isn’t Out The Back


DESPITE telling you that the part you ordered a week ago might be “out the back”, the assistant at a local car parts store is only using that as an excuse to step out to the storeroom so that he can come up with a way to cover himself after forgetting to order it in the first place.

Liam Redmond, 25, assured you when you ordered an ignition coil for your car that you would have it in a day or so, yet didn’t sound so certain when you arrived this morning looking for the part.

With his computer screen confirming that he didn’t even order the part, Redmond excused himself to the storeroom to see if “maybe one of the lads put it on the shelf”.

However, in an exclusive interview with WWN, Redmond confirmed that his trip to the storeroom is all part of a ploy to buy himself some time until he can find some way to blame the courier or the supplier, someone, anyone but himself.

“The customer is stood out there, waiting for his part, and I know rightly it isn’t here,” sighed Redmond, who could really do without this shit right now.

“So I’ll just stay out here for long enough to make it look like I’m searching for the part. Five, six minutes should do it. Then I’ll go back into the shop and start complaining about how “the bloody courier” must have left it in our other branch across town by mistake. Yeah, that sounds believable enough, doesn’t it?”.

Redmond added that he is certainly going to order the part as soon as the customer leaves the shop, and there’s no way at all that he’ll just forget to do it again.