Dog Somehow Just Knows Your New Boyfriend Is A Prick


A NEW study has revealed that your dog may almost immediately wise up to how much of an asshole your new boyfriend is, weeks or even months before you do.

The year-long research took place across seven countries in the world, and involved 38 breeds of dogs and countless shitheads that managed to get dates with women of poor judgement.

Women who owned dogs were asked to file a report about how their pet reacted when they brought home a new suitor.

In 98% of circumstances the dogs were able to determine whether or not the guy was of good repute, and would growl and snarl at him, possibly trying to convey the message that this guy was not the solution to their owner’s terrible track record when it comes to love.

“There seems to be an area of a dog’s brain that can just sense when someones a prick,” said Dr. Michael Arnold, chief spokesperson for the study.

“So the minute a girl arrives back to her flat with some dirtbag, the dog will start kicking off. From Jack Russells to big Dulux dogs, these mutts just seem to be able to spot the guys who are going to do right by their owners, and the ones that just aren’t marriage material”.

Despite the fact that the dogs tested always seemed to know when a man is just looking for what he could get, in 100% of cases the lady in question ignored her dog and went ahead and made another huge mistake in life because some women you just can’t help.