Bro Heavily Criticised After Not Putting Fellow Bro Before Hoe


THE tightly knit bro community has come out in force today to heavily criticise Waterford man and fellow bro Jack O’Brien after evidence was uncovered that he had put a hoe before one of his bros.

The bro community adheres to a strict set of principles that puts endlessly objecting women, discussing their own sexual prowess at length and standing by other bros far above the needs, wants or desires of a hoe, otherwise referred to as normal, everyday women.

“Devastated, yeah, absolutely devastated,” Conor King, the bro who was callously discarded in favour of a hoe, believed to be 24-year-old primary school teacher Emma Healy, told WWN. “Jack knows the rules, we signed up to the bro pact the same day as one another, and here he is, years later breaking it. And anyway, women are zero craic”.

Conor alleges that Jack, erstwhile player and self-confessed ‘rider of hoes’, had arranged to go around to Conor’s house to play Fifa and have a few cans but sensationally reneged on this promise due, presumably, to an intervention from a nagging Miss Healy.

“He says to me, she want’s to go cinema and have dinner, and I was like ‘dude, you’ve only known the girl 2 months, what the fuck are ya playing at’,” a distraught Conor relayed.

Risking his status as a bro Jack O’Brien spoke to WWN, alleging that Miss Healy was in fact not a hoe, but his girlfriend.

“She’s really nice actually yeah, and I’ll be honest, I don’t miss talking shite about how women are useless with Conor and the lads all that much,” Jack confirmed, all but sealing his excommunication for the bro community.