WWN Previews Ireland’s Opponents Canada


OUR boys in green begin their World Cup foray in Cardiff against the rugby might of Canada, here’s the lowdown on the Canucks from our rugby correspondent Vaughan Hickey:



Team nickname: Moose Testicle Lickers

Biggest club team: The Maple Syrup Warriors

Strengths: A huge array of talented actors, musicians and comedians you mistakenly presume are American.

Weaknesses: Rugby is Canada’s 435th favourite sport, 430 places behind saying ‘sorry’. Also poor in the scrum, so we should see several players asking to switch onto the Irish scrum within the first 10 minutes.

Star player: Gordon McRorie


Special moves: Making his opposite number fall in love with him, due to those dreamy green eyes. Also, paying his opposite number a nice compliment when they least expect it.

All time try scorer: mistake from the opposition.

WWN score prediction: 63-5 to Ireland.

What to look out for: referees have tried to cut down on the Canadians use of ice hockey sticks and helmets on the rugby pitch, but don’t be surprised if they use them in the second half if things aren’t going well.