This Woman’s Weight Transformation Won’t Amaze You


WE here at WWN towers, as well as over at our sister site, love a good uplifting story which transcends the normal barriers everyday people face in going viral on the internet.

So you can imagine our sort of confused and frankly underwhelming reaction to the weight transformation this Irish woman underwent. I mean, it might be unfair to say, but we weren’t even inspired in the slightest.

Carlow native Olwyn O’Dwyer, 22, had posted a side by side before and after picture of herself on Facebook and while she has clearly lost some weight and become healthier in the process we’re still left a bit cold. Honestly, you’d be hard pushed to be left amazed. Jaw remains firmly attached to your face, with no fear of it being left on the floor.

Regrettably Olwyn didn’t accompany the pictures with a lengthy explanation as to why we should even be impressed. A smiling emoji face is all we were given to pour over, and after examining that for several hours we can only conclude that she might be happy, but who knows?

No mention of struggling her entire life with body issues, and no stand out story about being bullied in school.

To be honest, we even doubt she wanted us to publish the screengrab of her private page sent on to us by someone claiming to be her friend. We love nothing more than being amazed and inspired, but we can pretty much guarantee you won’t be amazed by it.

Sorry guys, but Olwyn has let us all down on that front. Take a look at her photo below, but we’re not even sure there’s a point without a cast iron guarantee you’ll be amazed.