Renua Ireland Raises Almost Enough Money To Go To Eddie Rockets For Lunch


LUCINDA Creighton has praised fundraising efforts for her new party, Renua Ireland, stating that donations received have so far amounted to almost enough to take everyone to lunch in popular eatery Eddie Rockets.

Renua has managed to raise almost €30,000 since its inception, mostly donated by its own members with some money coming from between the cushions of Creighton’s very own couch.

The party, which promises to do whatever people want in order to get themselves elected, is expected to save the raised cash for a special occasion, when they will head to the branch of Eddie Rockets in Phibsboro for a big feed.

“We should have enough cash to cover the bill, as long as some of us share chips and nobody orders dessert,” said Lucinda Creighton, who remains tight-lipped about Renua’s policies when it comes to several key areas of public interest.

“They do these red baskets which have chicken tenders or wee burgers, with chips and a drink that are great value, so I’ll be recommending them to the rest of the party. There are those who think they’ll be getting chicken wings and chips, but I’m afraid the party finances just won’t stretch to that”.

Creighton went on to state that if anyone wanted to send a donation to Renua Ireland they could do so through their website, after which they will receive membership to the party, which comes with a certificate and an “I HEART RENUA” badge.