Lovin’ Waterford: 4 Epic Places To Drink Cans In the Sun


HASHTAG SUNSHINE! Following 6 consecutive hours of sunshine, we can officially announce the start of Summer… and you know what that means: major can drinkage!

Here at Lovin’ Waterford we’ve compiled an epic list of epic places for you and your epic mates to drink epic cans in the epic sunshine until you’re epically drunk, you big epic. Get your best skin top on, we’re off for some can banter, AKA canter! HASHTAG CANTS!

1) Ballybeg

Nowhere beats the Beg when it comes to epic canning in the sunshine! We spent most of the day enjoying a plastic bag full of cans in the scorching weather, taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of the area while cracking looking teenage girls of indiscernible ages wandered past us wearing next to nothing. Cans, sunshine and hot chicks together in one place? That can only add up to one thing in Ballybeg; lads kicking the head off each other while someone yells at them to stop while crying their eyes out.

2) Ballybricken

Not to be outdone in the Bally stakes, Ballybricken offers so much to the thirsty individge who just wants to sit on a bandstand and get his can on. While other venues only cater to fairweather drinkers, the BBK caters to those who wish to can it at any time of the year, or day, and as such attracts a more discerning class of can champion! Strictly cheap alcohol though, don’t come around here if you’re drinking a recognised brand of lager or cider, you posh fuck!

3) The People’s Park

For those who are new to the whole drinking game (and we’re looking at you, middle-class teenage hipster LOL) there’s The People’s Park, which caters to everyone from teenage girls with too much eye make-up, to lads with red and black check shirts tied around their waists which have never been actually worn. Rough it up with your homies by lying back on the blanket you borrowed from home while drinking a can of Miller with a slice of lemon in it. Don’t get too drunk though; your Mam won’t like it when she comes to pick you up!

4) The Ard Ri

If what you’re looking for is a conveniently located abandoned hotel in which to enjoy a few cans while fearing for your life, look no further than Ard Ri Hotel. Combining that much sought-after ambiance of dread, the Ard Ri is the number one place to can it up when everywhere else in town is too packed, or too noisy, or just feels too safe. Overlooking the city, you can sit back and enjoy the beautiful sight of Waterford bathed in epic sunshine, blissfully blocking out the horrors housed in the decaying hotel. Also, free accommodation if you pass out! BONUS!