Calls To Cease Logging As Number Of Magic Tree Forests Dwindle


DEFORESTATION has all but eradicated 90% of the world’s Magic Tree forests, a new Greenpeace study revealed today.

The environmental organisation has called for a blanket ban on all logging of Magic Trees, which could see them extinct by 2020 if the issue is not addressed.

“So far logging has totally eradicated dozens of different varieties of Magic Trees, including Vanilla Arouma, New Car Fresh and Lively Lemon,” said Greenpeace activist Tim White. “The knock on effect of this could leave car owners in the future with no other choice but to travel around in their own scent.”

The study also found that only 12 million hectares of Magic Tree forests currently exist on the planet, as compared to 130 million hectares five years ago.

“All that’s left now is the original Forest Fresh variety,” added Mr. White. “It’s time air freshener companies took responsibility for their actions and started planting more trees for our children’s future.”

Global air-freshener giant Car-Freshner told WWN that although it has been responsible for the large scale logging, it was not under any obligation to replant trees, claiming it was not financially feasible for the company.

“Currently we are researching other materials that we can use to make our car fresheners,” said CEO Harold Shuaman. “Materially speaking, Magic Trees have been good to us, but it’s time we moved on a developed a new in-car-freshener.”

At the moment there are only three locations in the world that contain Magic Tree forests – Switzerland, Argentina and Peru.