ISIS Add Art And History To The List Of Things They’re Not Too Keen On


ISIS have shocked the world once more as footage of the terrorist group destroying ancient and priceless art has emerged.

The latest videos have left everyone questioning what sort of other horrors a group that doesn’t value art could perpetrate on the world if given half a chance.

Footage circulated on social media and then in news broadcasts had shown ISIS, hereto known as a harmless vagabond with an insatiable desire, murder, callously dispose of artifacts in the northern Iraq city of Mosul.

“I’ve lost fucking count mate,” shared Aahad Fahir, the ISIS member left in charge of the list of things ISIS now hates, “they keep running up to me with something new every 5 flippin’ seconds,” he added obviously frustrated.

“I’m not the best with writing in Arabic either. They couldn’t make their mind up after the Brits the other night if they hated Madonna or capes. I mean Like A Virgin is a good song and that, but ya know; women and that?”

Hundreds of statues deemed idolatrous have been destroyed using sledge hammers and chainsaws as ISIS have finally confirmed they’re not big on art, clearly up rumours relating to the fact.

“I mean when I saw beheading, sure, I thought they were assholes,” shared Middle Eastern expert Robert Fisk, “but damaging art, come on, that’s a bit far isn’t it?”

These latest crimes have given rise to more rumours that a number of the top brass in ISIS plan on building their own museum which houses only selfies which catch their best side.

“It’s still all about Allah for us, but how cool would it be to take a picture of me with an RPG in a museum, me? Little Akram from Badakshan,” shared ISIS member Akram Nilhat.

While several more ISIS members with Middle Eastern accents confirmed that art “is well shit, better stuff hanging in the Tate Modern mind. Went there on a school, was wicked”.