Stop Everything! Check Out The New Celebrity Couple In Town


This is the news we all needed to shake off the Monday blues. Swoons. Heart melts.

It had been rumoured for a time and now they’re public it just makes sense. It. Just. Makes. Sense. We have to say we here at WWN think they’re a perfect match but just because you’re the hottest couple on the planet doesn’t it’s going to be plain sailing.

It’s an odd way to start your relationship but we guess, in the modern world of celebrity dating, a video declaring your love is probably just about the cutest way you can do this.

Boko Haram’s passionate declaration of love for ISIS makes them the hottest couple in town and this uplifting message of unabashed homosexual love has us reaching for the tissues to wipe away our tears of happiness.

While some gossip sites have already begun question their suitability, we here at WWN towers just want to wish them well.

With their notorious tempers, they’re probably going to need all the help they can get.

“It seems obvious now and I guess their desire to impose a caliphate with ever expanding borders is what drew them together,” TMZ’s celebrity couple expert Isa Koontz told WWN.

“When ISIS were filmed brutally killing innocent Christians, we heard that Boko Haram demanded their agent get them in the same room as one another,” Koontz added.

H/T to the BBC for the story.

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