Kanye West Announces Plans To Clone Himself


THE renowned husband of sex-tape superstar Kim Kardashian has announced his intention to clone himself in what he is calling his ‘love letter to the world’.

Rapper Kanye West had been waiting for cloning technology to reach a point whereby his clone could contain a womb in which he could house ‘little Kaynes’ but the rapper confessed time is of the essence.

“Kanye does not refer to his little Kanyes as babies because his little Kaynes are from a high plane of existence, they are not mortal like you,” Kayne said in a statement issued through his publicist.

He also made a claim that he had the best sperm of all time and in scenes reminiscent of Tom Cruise’s appearance on Oprah, the rapper jumped up on the OWN TV host’s couch declaring his love for himself.

“Kanye is bigger than Kanye, and he will use this clone to change to world for the better,” West added seemingly unaware of the public’s opinion of him.

West did not deny the possibility of having sex with his own clone. However, he denied that the real reason he was cloning himself was because it was becoming harder and harder to storm every single award ceremony stage in an effort to make Beyoncé love him.

West’s storied history of storming stages began when he was pipped to ‘Best Video’ at the EMAs by electronic act Justice in 2006. West took issue which Justice’s use of an original concept beating out his video which saw him dress as stunt man Evil Knievil while rapping over a sample taken from one of the all time great funk-soul songs ‘Move On Up’ by Curtis Mayfield.

It is speculated that the cost of cloning the 37-year-old could run into the hundreds of millions, but money is believed to be no obstacle for West.

“Kanye can’t contemplate a world without Kanye, so I think the end game is to create as many Kanyes as possible before he is cryogenically frozen. Make no mistake about it, he is cloning himself so he can literally make love to himself 24/7,” an insider shared with WWN.