Wife’s Emotional Plea To Let Husband Suffering From Flu Die With Dignity


A COUNTY Waterford woman has pleaded with the government today to let her husband of 12 years die with dignity after been diagnosed with influenza last week.

Susan Casey, who has been forced to care for her partner John, said she will take the case to the high-court to establish a right to end his life.

“I just want to put him out of his misery,” said the mother-of-three, “All he does is groan in agony every time I enter the room. His constant whinging is starting to upset the children and I don’t think we can take it much longer”.

John Casey, once a healthy and cheerful insurance salesman, was given the dreadful news after a routine checkup by his local GP.

Following a series of tests, the 39-year-old was diagnosed with the influenza virus and was told the best thing he could do is go home and get some rest, as there was nothing the doctor could do for him.

As of yet, there is no known cure for the infectious disease, leaving the Casey family no other option but to help John euthanize himself before he becomes any worse.

“We’ve already accepted it,” explained son David, who is debating with his sister over who gets their father’s car. “To be honest, it will be a relief when he’s gone. He’s better off dead. I don’t want to remember him like this. It’s tough, but we all have to move on with our lives”.

Fortunately, Susan Casey managed to secure a €500,000 insurance policy on her husband in the event of his death.

“A small part of that will go to his funeral arrangements and a skip for his belongings,” she added. “It’s amazing the junk people gather over the years”.