Barack Obama Plaza Failing To Live Up To Promises


IT WAS supposed to be the petrol station that changed everything, but almost a year on from its inaugural pumping, Barack Obama Plaza has yet to win over its most vocal critics.

With pre-construction promises of what it could offer customers, Barack Obama Plaza just off the M7 on the Tipperary/ Offaly border opened its doors to huge applause last year. Boasting Ireland’s largest Supermacs, the rest stop answered the question of whether or not you could get a Papa Johns while driving from Dublin to Limerick with a resounding “Yes You Can!”.

However, critics have highlighted how Barack Obama Plaza may have failed those it had given so much hope to. Instances in which petrol prices were found to be several cents more expensive than other nearby filling station lead to accusations that the Plaza had lost touch with the people, and were back up by claims that it was too similar to service stations that had been in place for years.

“It may be cool and popular, but it has been found sorely lacking in key areas, ” said Paul Ryan, vocal Barack Obama Plaza detractor and operator of a nearby Applegreen.

“People were drawn to it from all over the country, only to find the same old experience of filling the car up and then eating a 3 euro danish with your petrolly hands. We believe it’s time to move on, and let us take over”.

Supporters of the filling station were quick to its defense, claiming it now offered cheaper petrol than ever as well as significantly boosting employment in the area, none of which was listened to or heeded by Barack Obama Plaza critics.