“Yes We Didn’t” Confirms Obama


obama yes we can

US President Barack Obama has been forced into an embarrassing concession as he faced reporters questions in Washington this morning.

Having swept up the American voting public in a dizzying and joyous furore after successfully becoming the country’s first African American president, much was expected of the then 47-year-old but he has now made a revealing admission.

“The ‘Yes We Can’ mantra didn’t turn out as you all hoped, so I admit that now in fact is the time to concede that ‘Yes we didn’t'” Obama stated in a brief address.

Those closest to the President had urged him to hold off on making the announcement in favour of considering a slightly catchier, more grammatically sound retraction.

“Just to be clear ‘Yes We Didn’t’ is not our official or unofficial foreign policy,” added the President in a clarification.

This sensational admission sits in stark contrast to the much shared on Facebook poster of the president which claimed ‘Yes We Can’.

“Maybe it shouldn’t have been so ambiguous,” leading Democratic party strategist Pat Grenier admitted to WWN, “but such is politics that in searching for a successful set of policies we hoped to implement in the potential running of a country of over 300 million people, we inadvertently stumbled on a vague catch-all slogan and we regret this”.

Criticism of Obama had been on the rise as he becomes the very first American president in history to disappoint vast swathes of the American public.

“We didn’t look into whether or not we actually could, the probability of it all,” confirmed Grenier.

It is thought Obama’s decision to make this statement was an effort to respect the democratic process in America which sees the US President fade into the background roughly two years before his term is finished in order to make way for a maddening presidential race which will conclude sometime in 2016.

While political experts are still undecided as to who contend and even win the next election, they have confirmed the correct use of emojis will be critical.