47-Year-Old Irish Woman Still Struggling With Stepping On Escalators


woman on escalator

WATERFORD native Diane Crowley is still struggling with the basic task of stepping onto an escalator, WWN can reveal.

Despite being a veteran walker with over 45 years of experience Diane still finds herself in difficultly whenever faced with stepping on or off an escalator.

“The knees just turn to jelly,” Diane admitted to WWN, “I wish I could better explain it, but it’s like they are just steps, but then when you get to them, all that moving just confuses me”.

Diane is not alone as it believed there are thousands of idiots like her out there who have no impediment to walking correctly yet still nearly die walking on and off escalators.

With Christmas fast approaching Diane finds herself at her most vulnerable due to the need for her to head up to Dublin for the ‘big shop’.

“I used to find myself talking the alternative routes up normal, non-moving steps, but with the shops so packed it’s not always an option,” a concerned Diane added, “I’d be looking at the first step moving, then back at my feet, then back at the first step and before I know I’m in a heap and halfway up the thing”.

While it is incredibly easy to mock people who can’t just simply walk onto escalators the struggle continues to be very real for Diane, this despite her husband installing a ‘training’ escalator in their back garden a number of years ago.

“He operates the steps manually, winding away with a lever, but he’s just not able for it anymore. I joined a support group there last year, but it meets on the second floor and the only way up is via an escalator so I just don’t go,” shared a now tearful Diane.