Parents To Spend Hours Coaxing 3-Year-Old Into Costume For Adorable Facebook Photo



PARENTS Niall and Joanna Freeman have formally decided that they will spend much of Friday afternoon forcibly wedging their 3-year-old daughter into a Halloween costume all in the name of likes.

The couple, together for 12 years, have booked Friday off from their respective places of employment in order to ensure they have plenty of time to coax their daughter Jane into a specially picked out costume.

Jane, a happy and content child who has a passion for throwing dolls in the bin and playing in the mud, will valiantly fight off her parents attempt to her to dress ‘like yer one from Frozen’.

The motivation behind Niall and Joanna’s insistence that their child dress as a character from a movie Jane hates is believed to be so as to distract for their crumbling marriage.

Jane, who has expressed no interest in dressing up and plenty of interest in eating her weight in sweets and chocolate, will be excitably told by her mother that she will get to wear ‘make up like big girls’.

Problems will be encountered when Niall complains to Joanna that the make up isn’t streak free and Jane’s tears ‘are ruining everything’.

Further debate will occur when, after a successful photo of Jane in her costume is taken on the 17th attempt, Niall will insist the couple put the photo up on his Facebook account first much to the Joanna’s disliking.

However, a truce will be declared when the proud parents see all their hard work and torture of their child results on 32 likes and 4 comments for ‘adorable little Elsa’.