Amazing Irish School Covers Nirvana’s ‘Rape Me’ As Gaeilge



By now, we’re sure you’re all familiar with the amazing Coláiste Phádraig from Connemara but have you heard their amazing rendition of ‘Rape Me’ as Gaeilge?

The rousing rendition of the Nirvana classic, which can never be viewed in an insulting light in any way because we now we have a version as Gaeilge, has done the rounds on every Irish website going and we ourselves posted it last night.

The catchy tune features the vocals of over 20 of the school’s pupils and is just the latest in a long line of class Irish takes on classic tunes. We have to make a confession though, as we might even like Coláiste Phádraig’s version of ‘Rape Me’ better than the original, the lyrics just sound better in Irish, don’t they?

The accompanying video to the cover of the 90s classic has seen the song go viral with 2,300 hits in the last month and we have to say there’s something wrong with you if you don’t feel a tinge of Irish pride listening to famous lyrics like ‘Rape me again, I’m not the only one’ as Gaeilge.

Their version was so impressive that even Grant Dunlop, sound tech for Nirvana between December 29th 1991 and January 11th 1992 ‘favourited’ the video on mega social media site Twitter.

Coláiste Phádraig are a serious favourite of ours here at WWN towers and we only hope that in the future they keep producing the goods as Gaeilge.