Back Alley Plastic Surgeons Now Offering ‘Blur Face’ Procedure For Criminals



ROGUE medical students in Dublin trying to support themselves through university are now offering back alley procedures to career criminals wishing to hide their identities, it has been revealed today.

Face blurring, a technique first developed in Mexico, involves removing 90% of the patient’s facial features and can cost up to €10,000 per operation.

Since its introduction in Ireland last year, Gardaí said the worrying new trend has forced hundreds of criminals to be acquitted due to lack of evidence relating to facial identity.

“Criminals with the procedure are mostly let go by the courts because no one can identify them,” said Garda Commissioner Noirin O’Sullivan. “We urge anyone with any information about these underground clinics to come forward. Not only are the procedures supporting crime in Ireland, they can also be quite dangerous to the individual who undergoes it”.

Speaking to Waterford Whispers News today, self-confessed career criminal Jason Ward warned his peers of the dangers after contracting a life threatening infection to where his mouth used to be.

“Mufffif mumsum antseckmuff,” he said. “Amanphricanmuff ah’ eh umph ah’ aww anuff”.

Gardaí estimate there are currently over 200 cases in Dublin alone were would-be-criminals were left permanently damaged and out of work due to a botched blur face procedure.

“We found one blur faced lad trying to rob a Sky Digital kiosk in a Lucan shopping centre,” said local Garda Jeremy Walsh. “He thought it was a post office. We later found that his tiny eye holes closed up with puss and he couldn’t see too clearly”.

Most of the procedures allow for tiny eye, nose and mouth holes for the criminals to use while they are not committing crime, but many of these do become infected due to poor medical practice.

If you have any information relating to suspicious medical care activity in your area, please contact the dedicated blur face hotline on 01 6668200.