JobBridge Intern Rushed To Hospital Suffering From Exhaustion



WWN JobBridge intern Kevin ‘Trev’ Murray has been docked this week’s €50 payment as part of his internship after he selfishly collapsed from exhaustion.

Kevin had been working his 27th consecutive day at WWN towers gaining valuable experience but choose to lose consciousness following his latest 19 hour shift.

It is not yet known if having to be rushed to hospital will effect the work he was supposed to do, but there is a possibility that someone will inform the social welfare department regarding his unprofessional behaviour.

The media studies graduate and master degree holder lost consciousness at the top of the stairs as he was painting the office ceiling as part of his journalism internship. Kevin avoided serious injury by luckily safely rolling down two flights of stairs before a wall gently brought him to a stop, breaking his fall.

As is the case with any and all employers who avail of the wonderful JobBridge scheme, WWN editor Paddy Browne acted responsibly and was quick to rush to Kevin’s bedside in hospital to give him an official warning and a large box of files which have to be put in alphabetical order by 6pm today.

Kevin should make the 6pm deadline despite slipping in and out of consciousness on a regular basis.

Doctors have confirmed that if Kevin was to continue to work at this level, he could be dead within a week, but it is believed this is typical of the type of thinking from a generation that has everything handed to them.