Guy Unable To Tie His Tie Actually Your Boss



SLIGO man Sean Fenlon made a shocking discovery three hours into his shift at Halley’s Party Supplies earlier today, WWN can exclusively reveal.

Sean, 29, was in the process of gathering up a number of empty gas canisters when his boss, 19-year-old Johnny Halley, asked his employee of three years to serve customers waiting at the front desk.

“I just caught it out of the corner of my eye,” explained Sean to WWN, “Johnny’s tie was all over the fucking shop, I mean, the boy had somehow got it lodged under his armpit and around his head”.

When Sean, inquired as to why his manager and heir to the Halley empire had put his tie on in such a strange way he explained that his mother usually tied it for him going out the door.

“The spotty prick said his auld one wasn’t around today because she had a ‘flower arranging class’, I’ve been passed up for promotion nine times, Johnny Snr has promoted his son once every three months or so. I’m going to snap,” explained an angry Sean.

While Sean relayed the events of today to WWN, Johnny Jr had stapled his tongue to his desk ‘just to see if it would hurt’.

“These eejits round here seem to forget old reliable Sean here is the one who rescued that bouncing from the top of Benbulben after it flew out of the D’Arcy’s garden in 2008. But, more importantly I suppose I’ve been doing the accounts for the past four years on €7.50 an hour along with getting funding from enterprise Ireland and the IDA,” Sean added.

1 in 4 Irish employees are believed to work under a superior who is quite clearly incompetent, with many managers lacking many basic skills such as being toilet trained.