The Hilarious Moment Bill Murray Crashes Funeral Of Murder Victims


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ACTOR Bill Murray secured his title as the most awesome man on the planet this week after crashing the funerals of three family members who were shot and killed in a murder suicide incident in Cedar Lake, Indiana.

The hilarious Ghostbusters star took it upon himself to gatecrash the funeral at Shady Pines funeral home in the town centre, much to the absolute delight of family members and friends of the murder victims.

After the 63-year-old funnyman waltzed into the home wearing a fawn suit, funeral coordinators invited him to stand beside the three coffins and make funny faces during the service.

“I don’t think there was anyone there able to keep a straight face.” said Karl Madison, brother of one of the murder victims. “All he has to do is stand there and roll his eyes. Gets me every time.”

But the fun did not stop there. During the pastors eulogy, Murray reportedly lip synced prayers and made what looked like chicken gestures with his arms flailing about.

“Oh my God! The room just burst into hysterics,” said 14-year-old James Madison, who was now an orphan after the death of his two parents. “He is like the greatest person ever. I wish he was my new dad or uncle or something. Bill Murray rocks!”

According to funeral director and pastor Rev. Graham Partridge, Mr. Murray is a regular visitor to the funeral home and has been known to wander in intoxicated on numerous occasions.

“It just never gets old,” he said, laughing at the thoughts of the whole thing. “Bill would always have a bottle of Jack with a cigar in his hand and would go out of his way to cheer up mourners during these difficult times in their lives. His funeral party piece usually involves him opening the casket and doing a one on one monologue with the corpse.”

Unfortunately, due to the horrific injuries sustained by the victims Murray decided it was probably not a good idea to perform his usual routine.

“I think there is a time and a place for everything and Bill knows his audience well,” added the pastor. “The man and woman lying there had both been shot in the head by their son who later killed himself with the same sawn-off shotgun.”