Incredible Moment Woman Farts For The Very First Time


A WAITRESS from Clare was traumatised today as she experienced the sensation of flatulence for the very first time.

Maria O’ Mahony had just sat down to watch Home and Away before starting her shift at Italian restaurant Giardino Fresco when a thundering noise erupted from her stomach and escaped out through her anus.

“I can’t believe this happened to me. I thought it was something that didn’t affect women. I felt so unclean afterwards. I sprinted straight into the shower” She said.

“The smell was the worst part. It was a mixture of cauliflower and cheesy eggs, which didn’t make any sense because I didn’t eat any of those foods.”

The 26 year old was so shocked at this sound and ensuing foul scent that she had to miss work.

“I had to ring in sick. I couldn’t go in knowing that putrid smell could strike at any moment. It could make a poor customer retch.”

The cause of the fart is still unknown, although Maria believes that it shouldn’t ever happen again.

“I’m starting to take measures against it and I feel confident of preventing this from happening in the future” she said while making her third beans on toast of the day.