Detectives Investigating Shatter Threat Start With Names Beginning With ‘A’ In Phone Book



BOMB SQUAD detectives investigating white powder in an envelope sent to Alan Shatter’s house today have begun their search in the ‘A’ section of the Dublin phone book, they have revealed.

Investigators left Mr. Shatters estate shortly after 11am this morning following the discovery of the parcel, which was believed to have been a hoax bomb scare.

“We have all our top men on the case at the moment,” confirmed lead investigator Detective Thomas Carroll. “There are over four million suspects so this could take quite some time before anything turns up from the investigation.

“And you know yourself with these things; it’s always the last name you’ll look at.”

When asked why his team would not just begin with the letter ‘Z’, he replied: “That was just a metaphor really. I didn’t mean it as fact.”

It is understood that Mr Shatter was at home at the time of the special delivery. The bomb disposal unit was deployed shortly before 10am, and the scene was declared safe at 10.45am.

For no apparent reason, Independent TD Mick Wallace came forward to deny any involvement in the incident in the Dáil today, stating: “In case anyone was getting any ideas, it wasn’t me who sent that letter. So no pointing fingers. Ok?”