Family Furious As Danish Zoo Puts Down Aging Keeper



A DANISH family were said to be “furious” today after a Copenhagen zoo, which employed keeper Aaron Pedersen for over 30 years, decided to put the father of four down due to his age. He was 65.

The Zoo says it “had to euthanise” Mr. Pedersen after he failed on numerous occasions to perform daily work routines. The mans family claim the decision was not for his employers to take, and said he still had “another good 20 years left in him”.

“Dad was still able to do things for himself,” claimed daughter Alex Pedersen. “He might have become a little forgetful in his old age, but there was no need to put him down like that. Especially without conferring with our family first.”

This is not the first time the zoo has controversially put down an animal for no apparent reason. Only two days ago, keepers, including Mr. Pedersen himself, helped euthanise four lions, who in turn were given the remains of a put down giraffe just two months previously. The giraffe, named Marius, was also shot dead by the zoo, as it carried dangerous inbred genes.

Copenhagen zoo spokesman Hans Anderson told WWN the recent spate of killings were nothing more than “captive nature at work”, claiming the recent killing of Mr Pedersen was justified “In the circle of life”.

“Have you ever watching the film The Lion King?” asked Anderon, aslo chief chairman of the zoo. “Well, that’s what we are trying to emulate here in Copenhagen, yaw? It was Mr Pedersen’s time to go.”

“The man was slacking in his work and became lazy towards his retirement. He was always forgetting to do jobs around the zoo, so he had to go.”

It is understood Mr.Pederson’s body was dismembered yesterday evening and fed to the Hyena’s, who many critics believe are the next on the zoo’s list.