Moon Drunk



IRISH ASTRONOMERS have warned today that the moon is totally drunk and facing the wrong way around.

People are being asked not to stare at the moon as it doesn’t like that kind of thing at all.

Earths only satellite showed up twisted in the sky at around 6pm this afternoon, after it was suspected of being out all day.

“I just glanced up from the car coming home from work.” said one commuter, who was commuting home from work. “I knew something was up the second I laid eyes on it. It was turned arseways and had no idea what it was doing. It was kind of embarrassing if I tell you the truth. Especially when Jupiter is so prominent in the sky.”

Lunar experts believe the moon has been intoxicated since Sunday night.

“It was all over the place Sunday night too.” said amateur astronomer Karl Keegan. “Being drunk like that in public is very irresponsible for such a large heavenly body.”

Meanwhile, in Waterford this evening, everyone is asking each other if they have seen the state of the moon tonight.

“It’s the talk of the town boy!” said one eyewitness. “It can be so silly at times that moon. Who knows what it will do next. Crazy moon”

The celestial body is expected to rest later on tonight after setting down in the North West at 11pm.